NEXTNET project Workshop – Preparing for the Future Supply Chain

Onworkshop_web image July 11, NEXTNET organized a workshop in Porto (Portugal), hosted by INESC TEC.  A group of experts from industry, academia and policy had the opportunity to discuss about 7 Key Horizontal Issues identified within the project to arrive to the options for the definition of the policy recommendations for the future supply chains, i.e. Standardization, Regulatory framework, Improving training and education for skills gaps, International agreements, Incentives and funding schemes, Reference bodies for European supply chains, and Infrastructure.
The experts were asked to discuss about the following questions:
What are companies doing today to overcome this Key Horizontal Issue (KHI)?
What alternatives could help companies overcoming this KHI until 2030?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives?
Who should conduct the action?
What exactly should the alternative offer?
How should it be implemented?

A video resume will be available soon!.


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