NEXTNET project Workshop – Preparing for the Future Supply Chain. Video resume available!

workshop_web imagePorto July 11. Source: INESC TEC

The mechanisms that companies need to prepare for the future of supply chains were debated in the workshop entitled Preparing for the Future Supply Chains”, which was held on 11 July at INESC TEC.

Luís Carneiro, Member of the Executive Board of INESC TEC, and Rosanna Fornasiero, researcher at STIIMA-CNR and Coordinator of NEXT-NET project, were the ones responsible for the opening of the workshop.

The workshop, which was oriented towards experts from industry, academia and public policies, had three presentations from: Celeste Varum, Professor at the University of Aveiro and Member of the Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI); António Almeida, Senior Product Owner at Farfetch and Paulo Calçada, Member of the Executive Board at Porto Digital.

 During the second part of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss important issues for the future of supply chains, such as data privacy and security, the necessary skills in supply chains, European funding mechanisms and the harmonization of standards and European legislation on supply chains.

“The NEXT-NET project defined six scenarios for supply chains in 2030 and ten different strategies that companies can adopt depending on their context. These strategies were in exhibition today at the entrance of the workshop. During the workshop, the participants were divided in seven groups to discuss supply chain problems that are transversal to several industry sectors and to give some recommendations for the future”, commented Ana Barros, a senior researcher of INESC TEC’s Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE).

At the end of the event, the participants also had the opportunity to visit iiLab, the new laboratory of INESC TEC dedicated to the Advanced Production Technologies.

The workshop, which was stimulated by Ana Barros and Pedro Senna from CESE, alongside Pedro Campos and Patrícia Gonçalves of INESC TEC’s Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD), was part of the Next-Net (Next generation technologies for networked Europe) project, which intends to develop a strategic European research agenda and an action plan for the supply chains in 2030.


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