Help NEXTNET project define the Supply Chain of the Future!!

NEXT NET project has started a consultation for the definition of the Strategic Research Agenda for the supply chain of 2030. This offers you the possibility to contribute to define the future of Europe, and lay the foundations for research and development recommendations within the future EC research programme for Horizon Europe. To reach this important goal, we kindly ask you to complete the form below where you can describe which are the most important challenges for future supply chains and how it is possible to face them with current and/or new technologies. You can define: · Research and innovation needs for the supply chain of the future: please consider that the time horizon for NEXT-NET is 2030. · Horizontal actions to assure cross-cutting approach developing infrastructures, or standardization, or innovative regulatory frameworks. You can complete more than one form, one for each topic that, for your experience, will request particular attention to the supply chain management from now up to 2030. Moreover, each form can address a research need or a horizontal action or both.

Participate in the consultation

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